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Ship List

Appendix D: Ships We Traveled On


Ship NameEmbarkedDisembarkedNumber of DaysRemarks
USS Calvert1/10/19431/27/194318Maneuvers.
USS Elmore11/12/194311/22/194311Maneuvers.
USS LaSalle12/14/194312/17/19434Maneuvers.
USS LaSalle12/30/19431/4/19446Maneuvers.
USS LaSalle1/11/19442/1/194422Enroute to Roi-Namur.
USS LaSalle2/5/19442/17/194413Enroute to Maui.
USS Livingston4/12/19444/18/19447Maneuvers.
USS Callaway5/5/19446/15/194442Enroute to Saipan.
LST Unknown7/23/19447/24/19442Invade Tinian.
SS Young America8/10/19448/24/194415Enroute to Maui.
USS Hendry11/15/194411/18/19444Maneuvers.
USS Newberry12/31/19442/15/194547Enroute to Iwo Jima for part of company. Transferred to LST on 2/15/1945. These days not counted in the total.
LST 71612/31/19442/19/194551Enroute to Iwo Jima.
USS Kingsbury3/16/19454/3/194519Enroute to Maui.
Rudyerd Bay10/25/194510/31/19457War ended. Enroute to USA.

Total Days at Sea: 221