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In 2009 here’s what Gale said about C123: “The few months with C123 were my favorite tour of duty, with such a great bunch of guys.”

In 1945 when the Marine division headed home, he did not have enough points to go along, and was sent to Okinawa. There, nary a building remained upright; it was a wasteland. Today, he reports, it is a thriving metropolis. After a year he too came home and was discharged in 1946.

He then managed his father’s business with his father. But he missed the Corps, so with help from the best man at his wedding, a Sgt Major at Quantico, he reenlisted and designated supply as his career choice. That is how he began his 30 years of service in the Corps. He served in several capacities at several duty stations – as a recruiter and as 1st Sgt of an infantry company. He had several tours overseas, Korea and Vietnam, and in the US. He retired at the rank of Sgt Major at Camp LeJeune in 1970.

He and his wife, Gail, have been married nearly 50 years and have traveled extensively throughout the USA, except for AK and RI, and Canada, except for Nova Scotia.