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Gene Rackovitch – Book Announcement

My latest book, My Corps: Short Stories and Reflections, is available for sale at  for $19.95 by requesting the book MY Corps # 3809186.

For the men of C123rd, to whom it is dedicated, I have reduced price to $10.00. That is the cost to me and includes shipping from my home. They can get it by sending the $10.00 to Silvafx Publishing at 68555 Rt. 48, Greenport, NY 11944 with a note stating that they are on the C123rd newsletter listing. They will get a signed copy from me.

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Many of the short stories in the book were either passed on to me by members of the company or have been incorporated in other shorts as part of the novel structure. I’ve inserted a whole chapter by Richard Lowe on his reflections of the Battle of Iwo Jima because it is very pertinent in the chronology that the book follows.

~ Gene Rackovitch

Gene has written four books that are available at Amazon.

Zivo [Hardcover] by Gene Rackovitch
The hobo jungles used as sanctuary for travelers seeking employment during the depression era became obsolete as jobs were more readily available in all areas of the nation. Riding the rails seeking employment at that time was replaced by a ready thumb and willing truckers. What could not be set aside was the spirit of adventure that was imparted to the young people of the time by those completing the odyssey. Tales of being seaman on the Great Lakes, of crop chasing; the majesty of the continent, the beauty of the California.

Marines and Renegades [Paperback] by Gene Rackovitch
In December of 1945 on Guam, two Japanese soldiers attempted to surrender to a patrol of Marines. The Marines, assuming them to be armed, shot and killed them. Another Japanese soldier witnessed the incident from the jungle. He fled, and his previous assessment of the treacherous Americans was enhanced. His zeal for retribution became ingrained in his psyche. In September of 1946, four Marines on a routine patrol seeking renegade Japanese who had been stealing from the outlying villages on Guam are ambushed by the renegades. One of them was the zealous Japanese soldier. The incident brings about a chain of events that leaves the reader wondering...who are the true renegades? The Marines or the Japanese?

I give you “Confessions of a Milkman”. For twenty five years I drove a milk truck in New York. From retail delivery through wholesale I give you an inside view of the machinations of one of the city’s most infamous industry. From union and management coercion to the individual route man who had to learn to survive in a world devoid of ethics, there was no relief. Constant need to be aware of danger taxed both mind and body while serving their routes. There was one crowning factor in the my life as a milkman, the knowing that you could use your body to the fullest, and be appreciative of your compactly to live a full life.

Throughout my life there are many incidents occurred that I felt should be given their place in American culture as well as a place my family and friends might know what it was like to grow up in early suburban America. I take you from 1947 through a life fraught with adventures large and small. There is a great amount of humor and near catastrophic incident that will leave you wondering how we survived in the post war U.S. A. Life is mundane only for those that do not recognize the fullness of their existence and live in a gray zone. “1279” gives the reader a perspective on life that holds fast to the adage that under all the mundane there is a glorious existence waiting for you to discover. If nothing else I hope the writing here gives someone incentive to discover the marvelous existence in their own lives'. Life is an adventure not only for the celebrated, but for each and every one of us.

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