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Guy Rowe Newspaper Article

By Katie Friedman

Following is a copy of a news article which appeared in the Otsego, MN newspaper in August 2000.

About three weeks ago, Guy Rowe received a telephone call with this news: He'd been selected as the male runner-up for Wright County's Outstanding Citizen of the Year award.

"It blew me away," he said. "I didn't expect anything like that to happen."

Rowe, of Otsego City, will be honored at a ceremony at the Wright County fairgrounds in Howard Lake Friday, Aug. 4, which happens to be Senior's Day at the fair.

He was nominated by Monticello Senior Center Director Pam Loidolt, who cited Rowe's service to the community over the past several years, mainly through his church and military organizations.

Rowe served in the U.S. Marine Corps in two different stints, the first of which was in the reserves, which he joined after being drafted for World War II in 1944 at the age of 19. He was shipped to Iwo Jima as part of a replacement force two days after the initial invasion or "D plus two," as he put it.

What was his primary task in that operation?

"Ducking, mostly," he said. "I was ducking, running, digging holes and trying to keep from getting shot. We carried the wounded out on stretchers, and carried water and ammunition back in."

He said that eight regimental combat teams suffered 100 percent casualties in that famous, pivotal invasion, adding, "I was one of the lucky ones who wasn't wounded."

Honorably discharged in 1946, he enlisted in the Marine Corps again ten years later, at the age of 32, and made a career of military life, working his way up through six ranks as an enlisted man, and six more as an officer, retiring as a captain in 1976.

During those years of military service, he traveled extensively, with duty assignments in Tennessee North Carolina, Arizona, California, Okinawa, Vietnam and Japan.

In 1980 he and his wife, Evelyn, bought an acre and a half in what was then Otsego Township, and have lived there ever since, the longest period of time either has remained anywhere in their adult lives.

Both Minnesota-born, they came back to this area to be near family members, and for employment opportunities. On top of that, said Rowe: "We missed the change of seasons."

Their two children both graduated from Monticello High School, Harriet in 1980 and George in 1981.

His retirement years have not been idle ones.

He teaches a defensive driving course for seniors, with classroom time logged in Zimmerman, Elk River, Rogers, Ham Lake, Spring Lake Park, Wayzata and Northeast Minneapolis, as well asin Monticello.

He is an active member of Monticello's Community United Methodist Church, having served in such varied capacities as youth leader, staff pastor-parish committee member, chairman of the board of trustees, financial secretary, chairman of the administrative council and as a member of the subcommittee involved in the church's recent land aquisition for its new building. He is also the liaison for the Pumpkin Patch preschool program, housed in the church and a volunteer for home-delivered meals.

He is the facilitator for an ongoing WWII discussion group at the Senior Center.

He Is an active member-at-large of the VFW and the American Legion.

Rowe has also contributed his time and talents quite heavily to the Boy Scouts, both in the United States and Japan.

And he doesn't participate in all these activities to merely pass the time.

"I've volunteered all my life because I enjoy it," he said.