Monuments & Memories

Monuments & Memories (for those who never came home)

By Robert A. Gannon

Some people say I should not waste the hours of my life

On monuments and memories recalling times of strife.

They seem to think it only is a name upon a stone,

While I reflect that easily that name could be my own.

Should I forget those men I knew who stood and fell by me?

Should I forget those torrid isles upon that sultry sea?

Should I forget that smiling lad from Arizona's plain,

Who fought alongside me though wounded and in pain?

Or should I just forget about that corpsman standing fast,

Who put his body over mine and took that mortar blast?

Should I forget those countless men who waded into shore

And gave their lives defending my country and my corps?

I can't forget one single name; those men are with me still.

If I don't remember them I ask you then, who will?