Niederholzer, Robert

Letter from Jill Franz Niederholzer (Daughter)

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I'm sad to report that Captain Robert C Niederholzer, USMC, a replacement with the 23rd Marines, 4th Div at Iwo Jima, passed away at his home in California on February 2, 2010.

He was my dad, and I'll miss him. He was in his own home and cared for by family and friends when he passed away from cancer.

He asked me to tell you and others in the C-1-23rd of the 4th Div, "Thank you, from one replacement to another."

Dad's address was 1951 Honeyrun Road, Chico, CA

Received from his daughter, Jill Franz Niederholzer.

As printed in the June 2010 Close Ranks issue.